Starburst SB-E3780WMT-EXT ECO SERIES Advanced Extension Tilt TV Wall Mount for 37" 40" 43" 49" 50" 55" 65" 70" 75" 80" Flat Panel TV Displays

by Starburst Technologies

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The Starburst Technologies SB-E3780WMT-EXT Advanced Extension Tilt TV Wall Mount fits most 37-80” TVs up to 154 pounds. Special features include maximum tilt for large TVs and easy cable access. Large TVs installed on traditional tilt mounts often hit the wall below the TV, limiting the max tilt range. The SB-E3870WMT-EXT extends from the wall 5.3”, giving you the max tilt possible for your large TV. The 5.3” extension and 5 degrees of swivel also provide easy access to cables & media boxes without removing the TV from the wall.  Includes a 5-year limited warranty. Built to UL 4X Max Load spec.


Fit Screen Size 37"-80"
VESA Compatible


Weight Capacity


Profile 3.1"~5.3"
Tilt Range +5°~-12°
Swivel Range +5°~-5°
Max Extension 5.3"

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